Building a business is an adventure

Your story is built of your unique business model, the people you work with, the good times you have and the clients you serve. Whatever your line of business and the challenges you face on your journey, we are here to help you meet and exceed your expectations. We work with small businesses, large publicly traded companies and everything in between. We push businesses to explore new possibilities you never even thought were possible.

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The anatomy of a RAIR campaign

At RAIR we believe every client is unique, however our process remains the same. These are the 3 basic steps to getting your business off the ground so you can start bringing in sales.


As a business, your brand is far more than a visual identity; a choice of colours and fonts to use on your website. Your brand should convey the story of your business in symbolic form. As such your brand embraces your logo and other visual representations of your business. Learn More

Website Design

Your website is your shop window into the global economy. It is often the first place customers will go when looking for information about your products and services, and is frequently the gateway for making sales and new leads. Learn More


Many businesses are intimidated by the idea of marketing. You shouldn’t be. Marketing is no more or less than the ability to draw the attention of your target audience to your business. Marketing can include a plethora of different approaches, from email campaigns to social media. Learn More

Branding campaigns from £750. Websites from £1500
We’re here to help you forge a path to greater success. Our campaigns are tailored to your individual requirements to facilitate a dramatic increase in brand awareness and online visibility. To chat about our services and for a free, no obligation quote, send us a message through our online contact form or give us a call on 0141 429 7509.

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